Commercial Township is under the “Township” form of local government. As in all local governments, our Township is highly regulated by the State of New Jersey and falls under the laws of the State Legislature.

Three people serve on the Township government for a three year term. A single position is open each year for someone from the public to run for office. Requirements to run for public office can be obtained from the local municipal clerk’s office. A primary election is held in June for a party nomination and the general election is held in November. Township Committee members take office in January of the following year. Each member is compensated a salary. The Township Committee oversees the local government and approves a municipal budget for local government operations. The Mayor is appointed by the three Township committee people and is not elected directly by the public. In the absence of the Mayor, a Township Committee person is designated as Deputy Mayor to make final decisions within the government. The Township Committee works together to make the proper decisions for our government. Each Committee person is responsible for various departments as a point of contact and to assist in decision making.

Currently serving on the Township Committee are:

Warren (Mike) Vizzard, Mayor

 Fletcher Jamison, Deputy Mayor

Ryan O Broughton Sr., Committeeman