Certificate of Occupancy

Why are they required?

  1. To protect the Health, Welfare and Safety of the public
  2. To protect your investment in Commercial Township by ensuring property values are maintained and enhanced through proper enforcement of Construction and Zoning Regulations.
  3. It improves the quality of life in the Township of Commercial

When are they required?

  1. When any property is sold
  2. When there is a change in tenants

How do I get a C.O.?

  1. Contact the Construction Office at 856-785-3100, ext. 320
  2. There is a $75 fee, $40.00 reinspection fee
  3. Set up a time for inspection – “note” See inspection check list
  4. A Water Certificate is required by the County Health Department

Certificate of Occupancy Requirements and Application

Rental Registration

Owners of rental properties within Commercial Township are required to register all rental units and have them inspected annually per Ordinance 2004-453.

Rental Property – Shall mean a unit of dwelling space in which occupancy is allowed for the payment of rent or other consideration, including occupancy for which no rent is charged.

The fee for Rental Registration is $100 annually.

All fees must be paid by March 31 of each year; all inspection must be done by Sept. 1 of each year.

Why is this required?

To make sure all housing units meet the minimum requirements of the Property Maintenance Code.

Who does this protect?

It protects the tenant that all minimum housing standards are met before the building is occupied.

It protects the landlord if the tenants have damaged the property and there was an inspection report from the Township of Commercial showing the condition of the property before it was occupied.

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Rental Unit Registration and Inspection Procedure

Inspection Requirements

Rental Registration Form