The deadline to register to vote in the July 7th Primary Election is June 16, 2020.

The New Jersey Primary Election will be on Tuesday, July 7th and will be primarily a Vote-By-Mail election process in accordance with Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 144 issued on May 15, 2020 concerning the declared COVID-19 state of emergency.

The July 7th Primary Election will be conducted primarily by Vote by Mail (“VBM”) with limited in-person polling locations open on Primary Election Day.

Who will Automatically receive a VBM (Vote by Mail) Ballot?

All active Republican and Democrat registered voters will automatically receive a VBM Ballot in the mail.

Who will receive a VBM Application to apply for a VBM Ballot?

All Unaffiliated registered voters and inactive registered Republican or Democrat voters will receive a VBM Ballot application in the mail. All VBM Ballots will include a prepaid postage return envelope. The VBM Application will be specifically designed by the Secretary of State for the July 7th Primary Election and will require an unaffiliated or inactive voter to declar affiliation with either the Republican or Democrat Party in order to vote for candidates in that party’s primary election. Once the VBM Application has been completed and received by the Cumberland County Clerk’s Office, the voter will receive the VBM Ballot in the mail.

What is the deadline to submit a VBM Application for Primary Election?

June 30, 2020 by U.S. Mail. A VBM Application must be received by June 30, 2020 in the Cumberland County Clerk’s Office in order to provide a VBM Ballot to the voter by mail. All VBM Applications will include a prepaid postage return envelope.  OR July 7, 2020 by in person hand delivery until 8PM. In person VBM Applications will be accepted by the County Clerk’s Election Office until 8:00 pm on July 7, 2020.

How does a Voter return their VBM Ballot?

  1. By U.S. Mail: Completed Ballots include a return postage paid envelope. Simply return by mail.
  2. Drop Box: Completed ballots may be deposeted in one of 5 secure drop boxes located throughout the County.
  3. In Person: Completed ballots may be delivered in person directly to the Board of Elections office in Bridgeton.

Will a Voter be permitted to vote in person on the voting machine at their polling place?

NO. Voters will not be permitted to vote on a voting machine. In Commercial Township, only one polling place at the Mauricetown Fire Hall, will be open for the July 7th Primary Election day. Voters who appear at this polling location will be permitted to vote by a Provisional Paper Ballot if they did not cast a Vote by Mail ballot. A Provisional Paper Ballot is the same ballot as the Vote by Mail Ballot.

May a Voter return their VBM Ballot to the polling location on Primary Election day?

NO. Completed VBM ballots will not be accepted at the polling location.

Below are links to the sample ballots for the Primary election

Cumb-Mail-Dem-Sample Ballot

Cumb-Mail-Republican Sample Ballot

July 7th Primary Election Polling Locations (1)

Ballot Drop Box Locations 2020